The Calligraphy Post.

A few days ago I bought a course "Introduction of the Art of Modern Calligraphy" by Molly Jacques, which you should definitely check, and I fell in love with calligraphy.

Now I find this useful infographic with the basics of calligraphy, including tools. In case you want to try your skills you should try to do those exercise. 

In both cases, (the classes from molly and this infographic) they ask you simple tools to begining your training:


In case you’re most an analog vintage retro-old guy, and you prefer to read a real book that stuck your nose in a monitor these are cool option for calligraphy beginners (the last to images):

Here are the last useful links:

In case you’re lazy or calligraphy simple isn’t your thing download the font (used on this post):

The Class of Molly Jacques:

Source of the infographic:

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Hotel WIND / Team BLDG

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Lisa Williamson

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Pierre Chareau, Maison de Verre, Paris, 1932. / SomeWhereIWouldLikeToLive

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1955 One With Nature | Architect: Richard Neutra - Via

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